Spirit Rising


Soul Retrieval

I am now available to do Soul Retrievals.

There are no words to express how incredibly grateful I feel as I help people heal their wounds and become whole. Their energy changes immediately and they get this smile and glint in their eyes that say that they now have  answers ro their issues. Each person leaves looking healthier and stronger. By the time we do the followup guided meditation they have gained a better understanding of the information I was able to bring back for them and have received more information to help them on their path. It’s as though many doors have opened that they never knew they could unlock.

Some will require more work, others have what they need.

Each time I am filled with joy, gratitude and humility at being able to help someone heal.


Healing your energy field, finding your path

Energy can neither be made nor destroyed. It can however be changed.

We are beings of pure.energy living a physical existence. By recognizing and acknowledging that we are energy we can change our life. We can manifest what we want our life to be by focusing our ability to move energy.

Everyone can change their life. There is no secret method. There are many teachers all willing to help and any number of seminars you can attend.

My informational approach is less intense, more intimate and designed to work with you at your own pace. At our initial personal session I do a healing and reading of your energy. Based on your concerns and the information that surfaces I work with you to learn about healing energy in a time frame that works for you.  We meet  to discuss energy and how to work with it to acknowledge your light, change your path and have the life that you want.

As you heal you may wish to have additional healings or perhaps a soul retrieval.

Pricing on request.

Should you have any questions and would like to work with me please email me at; cnrivera@pacbell.net or call me at 415-927-2834.

All personal information is kept confidential.