Healing Philosophy

I am a Native American Shaman. I come from a very long line of Shaman and Holy women.

I am aware of energy and how it can be changed to benefit you. I am able see it — to analyze it — to focus on yours and move or shift it in a way that enlightens. The process is one of being centered and allowing the ebb and flow, just like the ocean, to move about and change your physical world for the better. In understanding how energy works and how you are able to move it, your awareness of your own ability to navigate through your life becomes more transparent to you.

This is a very good approach to address areas of your life in which you are struggling and have finally decided to find a way to overcome them.

Ultimately, this is your path. I only act as a conduit. Your faith in healing yourself, your commitment to resolving your issue is why I am able to help you. It is your commitment to doing the work necessary that will ensure your sucess.

Always feel free to call; my door is always open for healing energy discussions.  I’m always available to help you move forward.

I can be reached by email at cnrivera@pacbell.net or by phone at 415-927-2834